SKATE13 B2B Hybrid Ceramic Bearings Bundle Offer

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🚀 50x Sets of 16 Colourful Coated Si3N4 Black Ball Hybrid Ceramic Bearings

🥇 50x 8 pcs 10.25mm Gold Spacers

💥  50x 8pcs Shield Bearing Covers

🛼  50x SKATE13®️ Waterproof Stickers

🔥  50x Protective Carrying Cases 

⛽️ 50x Bones Speed Cream Lubricating Bearing Oil 

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1 set 608 Colorful Titanium coating Si3N4 black ball hybrid ceramic bearings

Included with Purchase

8 pcs 10.25mm
gold spacers cost

Bearings, Suit & Gloves Bundle
Bearings, Suit & Gloves Bundle
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